In the beginning……….

1968 was a very significant year for Keynsham and for me.

!968, of course, was the year of the catastrophic floods which sadly took the lives of seven local residents, but on a different note it was the year that a fresh faced youth (me) and his family moved lock stock and barrel from their home of thirteen years in Hartcliffe in Bristol to start a new shoe repair business and a new life in Keynsham.

It was just a few days after the flood, and shortly after signing the lease for the old Boots chemist building that we arrived to find that the premises had survived the deluge and destruction that a lot of Keynsham had experienced.

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Quiz answer

The answer is they are known as cobbler’s “dollies”. Here is an illustration showing how they were used.dollies

Wotsits now on display

The old cobbler’s dollies are now on display in our wannabe inspirational/atmospheric window!

We dropped into the shop on the way back from North Wales

You might be able to see them if you enlarge the picture..

You will probably notice my reflection in the window taking the picture. (classic schoolboy error)

I have found a book with some illustrations of old shoe repair tools, I will try to upload them to the website.


Hi Everybody.

Things are moving on with our rebranding.

I need to source some signs and window decals and some old gold/ mustard colour work wear.

Terry has a camera now so we can post pictures of some of the interesting jobs that we do.

We’re on facebook

Thats right, Starzec’s are a classic cobblers shop but we’re moving into the digital world – stay tuned for some of our updates. We are aiming to make it easier for you, the customer, to find out news about Starzec’s including products, services and opening times.

If you have any thoughts of feedback about our repairs, keys, engraving, we’d love to hear them to make sure you get in touch!

Who knows, maybe we’ll be on twitter next!

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